Longboarding for Fun and Fitness

My fourteen year old son took up longboarding about a year ago. He’d heard what a great time his friends were having and wanted to get some of the action! He invested in a quality mini cruiser board, safety helmet and pads and started meeting up with them to practise tricks and have fun. He also began using his longboard as his main means of transport and instead of just cruising and going downhill, which let’s face it isn’t too taxing, he enjoyed skogging when on the flat which really made his legs burn and if he really wanted a challenge he tried boarding uphill!

He found pumping and carving and doing simple tricks really was exhilarating and relaxing too! But what he was really thrilled about was how despite eating basically the same diet (let’s face it a teenage boy can almost eat you out of house and home) he managed to burn calories and fat and became more toned. His leg muscles really got a good workout and he lost weight from his thighs, lower legs and butt.

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